Solution For Auto Manufacturing 

Hualong Xunda builds solution to scenarialization of cars to facilitate the digital transformation and upagrading to accelerate innovation of products and services.



Trends of the Industry

Trends of Auto Industry

The demands on electric vehicles are globally increased, more personalized designs for autos gradually being required. The development progress of green, electricity, intelligence, internet connection and sharing is accelerated. Auto industry also enters into the period of structural adjustment. Auto factories and upstream and downstream enterprises in the auto industry chain actively explore how to use digital and intelligent means to improve efficiency. 

In Design: Systematic and Collaborative

Via remote online collaborative design, collaborative efficiency of design is improved by applying systematic program idea to accelerate the time going into the market.

In Manufacturing: Digitalization and Intelligentization

The general management level on production is raised by ultilizing digitalized method in the process of auto manufacturing. Production efficiency is raised via smart decision making to reduce digitalized operation costs.

In Sales: Customization and Humanization
Via big data, analysis on favors for car types of different groups to realize targeted marketing.
Adopting internet of vehicles, automatic driving experience and other services to continuously improve customer experience and to increase the customer stickiness.

In Services: Digitalization and Specialization

Digitalization reshapes after-sales market structure, to meet clients' requirements for high-quality services, to make services more specialized.
Auto enterprises realize the transformation from Simple Selling of Vehicles to Provider of Mobile Travel Services via big data and digitalization.


Smart Transportation

JIC Digital Twin platform can build real-time, accurate, high-efficiency enterprise-level comprehensive platform for operation & maintenance and management of smart buses to realize the monitoring on the operation state of buses and visualized scheduling, to provide new solution on smart operation & maintenance and management for clients.

Smart Security and Protection

JIC can provide cloud storage, processing of big data, edge computing, smart recognition on algorithm, console control, system docking and other solutions about softwares and hardwares to realize smart management on safety and protection.

Smart Power

Via online measurement on data, the acquisition on historical operation data of electricity system, by integrating with electricity, computer, communication, climate, economy, JIC Digital Twin constructs Digital Twin of smart grid, reflects the full lifecycle of smart power.

Smart Parks

Hualong Xunda Inc. comprehensively deals with information silo phenomenon and realizes the transformation from the digitalized management to the smart management via IoT, big data, GIS, BIM, 3D modeling, AirSharing and other high techs.

Smart Factories

Via JIC Digital Twin platforms, the Digital Twin of plants, product lines, factories is constructed to facilitate smart manufacturing, to improve product quality, to reduce costs, and to increase efficiency.  

Smart Community

JIC establishes the smart management platform via smart software algorithm, AI system.


 Advantages of Solutions

Accurate and Real-time Data Acquisition to Reflect the Essence of Production

JIC DAS provides accurate and real-time data acquisition to realize the cleaning, storage and monitoring of data. The digitalization of production is achieved via data to reduce the management costs of production.

Abundant Mechanism Model Simulation to Improve Design Efficiency

Massive mechanism models are accumulated in JIC industry internet platform, which can be used to simulate before / during / after production, to optimize designs, to improve design efficiency, to shorten the period of products' going to markets and to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Empower Production and Manufacturing Based on Industrial Digital Twin

By building Digital Twin based on industrial internet, high-availability and high-security cloud platforms based on Hualong Xunda Inc. are optimized to build solid foundation for clients' quickly expanding and comprehensively deploying new businesses, to improve safety for users' travels.

Creative Digitalized Platform to Facilitate Innovation on Businesses

JIC offers digitalized platforms and datum are not possessed by JIC. With the concept that datum belong to automotive enterprises and their clients, JIC provides techs to facilitate automative enterprises to create their own brands.

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