The challenges on increasing operation routes and stations of Shenzhen Metro Group are bigger. For these problems, including large amount of maintenance workers, faults unsolved in time, difficulties in management on spare parts and so on, a digitalized operation and maintenance platform is urgently needed to aid for maintenance and operation.

Difficulties in Monitoring on Faults and Alarming

Unintuitive Maintenance State

Spare Parts Management

Monitoring on Operation

Digital Twin platform can provide full-stack operation and maintenance information, route map, current emergency workers for operation and maintenance as well as material resources and so on. Real-time monitorings on alarming of faults and position information can be conducted, alarming records and processing states also can be checked.


Fault Repairement

Based on faults in different positions, JIC provides emergency workers, emergency vehicles, emergency spare materials, and external information. The workers in the neighbourhood will arrive in the fault place and solve faults at the fastest speed to restore operation of vehicles quickly.

Monitoring on Devices

The online real-time monitoring on the key devices in the operation process of metros, such as power distribution cabinet, cooling system, is conducted. When abnormal conditions occur, corresponding persons responsible for related abnormal information will be informed via monitoring screen to solve them so as to avoid the larger hidden faults. 

Analysis Optimization

Massive fault information and operation & maintenance datum are accumulated in smart operation & maintenance platform based on Digital Twin. System can conduct data mining according to faults and processed information, and analyze major fault reasons, fault positions, the response efficiency and quality of operation & maintenance personnel, the optimal distribution plan of emergency supplies, to provide basic data for continuous optimization for operation and maintenance.


Via on-site touch screen, control on devices can be conducted,
and orders can be delivered to realize the on-site control on devices. 
The maintenance efficiency rate raised by 15%
The inventory of spare parts reduced by 10%
The amount of maintenance workers reduced by 5%
The management costs reduced by 20%.