JIC HMI Features

Virtual-Real Mapping    Visualized 

JIC HMI system to realize

the control of control layer

○   virtual-real mapping 

○    management on devices, production, materials, quality

JIC HMI system realizes the control on control layer, virtual-real fusion, management on devices, production, materials, quality.

On-site Operating of SOP

  Combined with enterprise SOP to realize

○    eletronization of on-site operating

○    standardization of on-site operation

○    automation of on-site operating

○    visualization of on-site operating


Combined with SOP of enterprises to realize management on the electronization, automation, visualization, standardization of SOP  to reduce the operation cost of companies, and to improve enterprises' competitiveness.

On-site Operation & Management  Model Base

Combined with automatic control system to realize

○    the unifying of on-site management and centralized control platform. 

○    open API connector.

○    connect with informatization system of enterprises.

Management on production process for device terminals, combined with automatic control system, to unify on-site management and centralized control platforms, to open API connector to connect with infomatization systems of enterprises, such as MES, APS, WMS.

Analysis on Edge Data

Combined with other systems to realize

○    edge data analysis.

○    data presentation.

○    accumulation of production experience.

Combined with automation system of devices and MES system of enterprises to analyze edge data, conduct data analysis on information in the process of production and presentation by taking single device as the core, to form experience base of devices' production in the meantime.


Self-Optimization on Brand Parameters

When production scheduling and brand changing occur, paramers of users on the platform will be automatically deliveried.
BOM information is correspondingly binded with corresponding production parameter information.
User parameters of devices are conducted smart, flexible and optimal control.


Detailed Monitoring Blocks

Monitoring on key blocks in the production process of device;
Monitoring and setting on key parameters of devices;
Improve capabilities to handle device faults and production.

Abundant Graphic Interfaces

Built-in multiple 3D models of devices and parts;
Graphic interfaces can be quickly constructed by dragging.
The element of state perception can improve management efficiency of devices.

Why to Choose JIC HMI?