JIC DMP Features

Management on Multiple Database  

To provide for users

○    Online Management of Multiple Database

○    Tenant Isolation

○   Safety Guarantee

The centralized management platform for data provides users with the online management function of multiple database, while the tenant isolation provides users with security guarantee.

Data Integration    Visualized

  To generate and provide for users

○    E-R Relation Diagram

○    Tree View Tools

○    E-R Logic Diagram

    Form View Tools

○    E-R Solid Model


E-R relation diagram, E-R logic diagram and E-R solid model of data model are automatically generated according to drag-and-drop modeling. And visualized graph management tools are offered (Tree and Form view tools).


API Connector Management

To provide users with a data market;
To filter and query the API according to needs;
The using right of API can be gotten to get related data.


Visualized Procedures

ETL data procedure supports single-step debugging;
The state of every operating step can be detailed;
Data applications can be constructed by the way of WYSIWYG.

Distributed Application

Support distributed storage;
The powerful distributed data computing capability;
The microservice architecture supports data application and presentation.

Why to Choose JIC DMP?

The Capitalized Data

The chain of data-assets-value is formed via centralized management and optimization of data so that the cost center is transformed into the profit center.


 Asset Efficiency

Asset realization via data.

  Above 5%           

Improve efficiency. 

Innovation on Business

Relying on data and algorithms to provide standardized data access capability to facilitate enterprises to quickly build services, to improve business adaptation capability and business innovation in a large scale.


Innovation on Services

To achieve innovation on business by data.

Improve Enterprises' Competitivess

 Optimize resources allocation.


Meet Needs of Different Industries