Quickly build unit-level, system-level, factory-level system for data acquisition and monitoring to facilitate enterprises to improve:


Capability to optimize resource allocation Capability to control production process Capability to guarantee production quality at average level    Access capability of devices    Utilization rate of Devices      

Features of JIC SCADA System

JIC SCADA system can realize localized, clouded deployment. Industrial picture base with rich contents, device model and animation effect support vector scaling as well as the import of third-party to quickly build configuration vector, and to shorten the program schedule.

Why to Choose JIC SCADA?

Tools for Comprehensive Data Acquisition

JIC SCADA is equipped with a set of comprehensive tool for data acquisition, in which built-in OPC, UA/OPCUA, MQTT, Modbus and other mainstream protocols can be connected with mainstream PLC devices, also can be compatible with communication protocols related to sensors, to realize real-time and accurate data acquisition.

Unifiedly-formulated Database

The database is compatible with NoSQL and supports SQL operating syntax , is with high extensibility and high feasibility, supports unified, quick storage and processing of massive datum, flexible data modeling, high concurrency access, and is able to customize the optimization strategy of data storage, to meet the balance between data integrity and performance.

Abundant Data Kanban

Built-in multiple data diagrams for use, is available to customize data format that clients need, and to improve the readability of data. It also can support remote access, check real-time production data and history data report that clients care about at any time and at any place, not limited in factories.

Powerful Development Conditions

Clouded configuration development is supported, and powerful Paas platform is available for online development in the form of distributed collaboration by multiple persons. Additionally, configuration model bases with abundant contents can be customized and dragged by the way of WYSIWYG to greatly improve development efficiency, and to save program time. Access on the mobile terminals can also be supported at any time and at any place to break the limits of traditional SCADA.

Meet Demands of Different Industries