to energize the whole industry chain of tobacco

Smart Control

Hualong Xunda Inc. has engaged in control on production of tobacco for over 30 years, based on known-how of the industry, and it provides smart control solution for cigarette processing, wrapping, packaging and other techs.


Hualong Xunda provides innovative clouded MES solutions for tobacco enterpries to facilitate smart production at the most stable performance and the highest efficiency.

Batch Control

Forward and reverse tracing of batch is provided and the association about whole-process data of batch, which is convenient to check questions, to analyze reasons and to avoid the extension of problems.


Hualong Xunda's advanced planning and sheduling can greatly reduce the workload of planners and accelerate the response speed of production scheduling.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling system can promote the fusion of businesses seamless connection and high-efficiency collaboration in every field,.

The Tracing of QR Code

Fake cigarettes are prevented to appear by the way of one object - to - one QR code to realize the tracing on actual production process of enterprises to confirm the source of problems.

Digital Twin Based on Industrial Internet to Build Transparent Plants

The transparent management on plants can be realized by building Digital Twin of plants based on industrial internet, real-time monitoring on operation state of devices on the production lines, completion efficiency of production, ultilization rate of equipments and maintenance suggestion to make management online transparent collaboration.

Targeted and Effective Data Management to Reflect the Essence of Production

JIC management platform for big data can realize real-time management on formula and batch, to make production data effectively managed and to ensure the traceability of whole process of production in the meantime, which can easily meet GMP and other production standards and reduce the costs of production management. 

Powerful MES to Improve Production Efficiency

Hualong Xunda can provide MES solution about tobacco industry to realize refined management, to improve the stability of product quality, to facilitate the improvement of production efficiency, to make enterprises more competitive.

Via on-site touch screen, control on devices can be conducted,
and orders can be delivered to realize the on-site control on devices.
The maintenance efficiency raised by 15%.
The inventory of spare parts reduced by 10%.
The amount of maintenance workers reduced by 5%
The management costs reduced by 20%.

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