Powerful Functions

Powerful Process Capability

High-performance I-7 processor;

Equipped with 256G disk and 16G memory;

 Built-in multiple IO connectors and flexible extension.

Built-in Abundant Protocol Analysis

Support mainstream OPC UA and MQTT;

Accumulated multiple protocol bases;

 Precise analysis and simple configurations.

High-Intensity Design


Appearance design with 100% aluminum. 

Design for working in wide temperature range.

 Design for anti-impact and high-defense performance.

Out Of The Box

Built-in mainstream industrial softwares, device protocols, simple configuration, quick connection, quick clouding. Without complex hardware test and installment, it is a plug-and-play embed industrial computer, which is with integrity and reliability of industrial computers, also with convenience of Out Of The Box.

Real-time Acquisition

JIC Ceres can be connected with 80% of mainstream communication protocols, realize real-time data acquisition, support UPC UA. Powerful hardware configuration provides guarantee for real-time acquisition of data. It supports mainstream communication protocols including Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, CANBus, Profibus DP, EtherCAT and so on.

Edge Computing

Built-in high-performance model and algorithm of edge computing to realize the integration of data acquisition, edge computing, and data transmission, Ceres is deployed on the site of production, in which it is not only connected with production devices and product lines, but also is connected with MES/ERP system and cloud management system. Ceres will clean, process locally-collected data, and upload data onto colud edge.

Auto Manufacturing


Rail Transit


Device Manufacturing

New Energy


Smart Tobacco

Aircraft Manufacturing